Hakkaisan’s vision of Sake

Hakkaisan’s vision of Sake

[IZAKAYA TAKE and Bar BAMBOO] is a world-class brand of Sake
We have Funaba which is said to be the vision of Hakkaisan.

Funaba is the result when “Moromi” is filtered out after the preparation of sake and sake kasu (lees).
Fresh sake squeezed from the mouth of the tank of raw sake, immediately delivered to our shop.
Carbon Dioxide dissolved in sake can be slightly felt,
It is a special liquor that is that is not available for general distribution.
You won’t taste the memories of other places when you come to Naeba.
Please try the local sake!

● Special Sake 720ml ¥6,200
● Ginjo 720ml ¥7,800
● Junmai Ginjo 720ml ¥8,200