Menu and prices might change. Prices as references.


Local Products

Pork Stew
for 1 People ¥580
for 2-3 People ¥1,280

A dish we’re really proud of; local pork offal is simmered for hours until it is delectably soft,then seasoned with salted kouji (used in the process of making our Hakkaisan sake).

Wagyu Beef Tendon Stew
for 1 People ¥780
for 2-3 People ¥1,680

Wagyu Japanese beef tendons boiled for hours until soft,prepared in a miso base.


From Our Stone Oven - Fish-

Echigo-Nodoguro Market Price

The highest quality fish from the Japan Sea, salted and roasted. You came all the way to Niigata, so try this out!

Fatty Kinkasaba Half ¥680 / Whole ¥1,080

Rich and flavorful mackerel so good you might wonder if it’s really mackerel.

Sado Semi-Dried Squid ¥630

Salted semi-dried squid pairs spectacularly with sake.

Miso Gindara (Bluefish) ¥1,280

Japanese bluefish cooked in a miso sauce. Meaty and rich, this is a dish not to be missed!

Miso Miyuki Trout ¥880

Miyuki trout cooked in a miso sauce. We are particularly proud of these locally sourced fish.

Hokkaido Shishamo ¥580

Real Shishamo. Enjoy a filling meal of shishamo, packed to the brim with spawn. (Fish eggs)

Extra Large Kichiji
Half ¥1,880 / Whole ¥3,480

Semi-dried, extra-large Kinki fish, straight from the farm. Something to write home about.

Striped Hokke Half ¥980

Large hokke so juicy, you’ll never be satisfied with any other fish again.

Butter Grilled Scallops in Shell ¥850

Cooked right on your table, you can eat these scallops grilled with soy sauce and butter, or even raw. Enjoy the overwhelming aromas!


From Our Stone Oven - Meats-

One Deluxe Jumbo Sausage  ¥1,080

Made from local ”Mochibuta” pork,there’s enough sausage here to fill you up!

Simmered Hamburg Steak

Niigata Wagyu simmered in a rich demiglace sauce (Egg, milk)

Mochibuta Pork Steak ¥1,480

Thick-cut pork steak with soy sauce and accents of ginger or wasabi.

Sirloin Steak (2-3 People) ¥4,580

Top-quality Niigata Wagyu Beef. Each bite is a taste of bliss. Choose salted or with a sauce.

Wagyu Sirloin ¥2,380

Niigata Wagyu beef seared in our stone oven. Enjoy this top quality cut cooked rare.

Cow Tongue ¥1,380

厚切り牛タンを塩麹につけて焼き上げました。 たんの付け根の部位は奇跡の柔らかさ。

Chicken Loaf  ¥630

Juicy chicken patty with a great sauce. Try it with our ”Onsen Egg” (soft-boiled egg) (Egg).

Chicken Thigh Kabobs ¥580

Barbecue-style ”yakitori” chicken kabobs. These can fill you up! Choose salted or with a sauce.



From Our Stone Oven -Other-

Cheese Gratin  ¥880

Enjoy this decadent, white-sauce- and cheese-filled, shrimp and crab gratin. (Shrimp, crab, egg, wheat)

Jumbo Fried Tofu  ¥580

Niigata’s own jumbo fried tofu topped with bonito flakes, green onions, and ginger. Top it with a splash of soy sauce and enjoy this Niigata soul food.


Sashimi (Raw Fish)

Sashimi  for2-3 People  ¥1,580  /  for 3-4 People  ¥2,980

The freshest fish in Naeba! Depending on the catch of the day, shrimp and crab may also be included.


Appetizers and Snacks with your Drinks

Three Favorite Snacks  ¥630
Salted and Marinated Shrimp ¥480・Squid ¥480・Firefly Squid ¥480・Crab Miso ¥580・Urchin ¥580

Our original recipes. These go perfectly with drinks or as a side dish. (Shrimp)

Cream Cheese Miso Marinade ¥580

Cream cheese marinated in miso. Pairs beautifully with sake or wine.

Lightly Pickled Vegetables ¥530

Lightly seasoned picked vegetables that were locally grown in this region.

Smoked Salmon ¥580

Thickly sliced salmon. A luxurious side dish that tastes great with sake.

Dried Seafood   ¥680

Combination platter of popular dried seafoods. Pairs perfectly with sake.


Ippin (Steamed, boiled, etc.)

Cuttlefish ¥680

Cuttlefish tentacles and cuts cooked in a soy-sauce based sauce. Perfect with sake.

Cow Tongue Stew ¥1,280

This is our tongue version of beef stew. The soft tongue creates beautiful harmony with this sauce.

Shiitake,Fried Tofu ¥630

Locally-sourced mushrooms are sauteed in a soy-based sauce, with fried tofu added in.

Sweet and Salty Omelette ¥630

Light and fluffy Japanese-style omelet with soy sauce.

Omelette Spicy Fish Eggs ¥730

Homemade omelet with the perfect match - mentaiko fish eggs!


Vegetables and Salad

Caesar Salad ¥780

Enjoy this salad with an "Onsen Egg!" (Egg)

Sesame Cream Salad ¥680

If you like avocados, don’t miss this avocado, sesame cream salad!

Roast Beef Salad ¥880

The height of luxury: roast beef on a bed of vegetables, lathered in a daikon-ponzu dressing.

Mozzarella and Ham Capreze style ¥750

Mozzarella, dry-cured ham, tomato, and olive oil, in a delectable capreze salad.

Potato Salad ¥630

Local pork bacon mixed in a wonderful potato salad.

Fresh vegetables ¥850

Fresh local vegetables with homemade meat miso dipping style.

Japanese Carpaccio Salad ¥950

Japanese-style fish and vegetable carpaccio salad.


Fried Foods -Tempura-

Squid Tentacle Tempura ¥630

This is our most popular dish on Instagram. See what all the fuss is about!

Tempura Combination ¥1,580
Urchin Tempura ¥980 Anago Eel Tempura ¥780 Maitake Mushroom Tempura ¥680

Try every kind of Tempura. Crispy outside, fluffy inside. With a little salt and a dip in the right sauce, you’ll be in heaven. (Crab, shrimp, wheat)

Camembert Tempura ¥630

You will never grow weary of this crispy layer around a gooey camembert inside.

Sprouting Garlic Tempura ¥680

Try something new and exciting! This is garlic already growing roots and sprouting, fried into perfection.

Sweet Potato Tempura ¥650

This whole sweet potato is so soft you can cut it with your chopsticks. Dig in! (Butter,wheat)


Fried Foods - Meats-

Mince Katsu ¥1,280

Juicy fried patty made of ground Niigata Wagyu Beef. Covered in a deluxe demiglace sauce. (Wheat, egg)

Mochibuta Thick Pork Katsu ¥1,680

Cooked at a low temperature to the perfect tenderness. Enjoy with salt or katsu sauce. (Wheat, egg)

Fried Chicken Salted Kouji ¥680

Extremely juicy and tender fried chicken seasoned with Hakkaisan’s salted kouji.

Chicken Nan-ban ¥750

Chicken Kara-age with a homemade tartar sauce. (Wheat, egg)

Fried Foods -Seafood-

Fried Oysters ¥850

Large clams in a crispy fried outer layer. Load on the tartar sauce! (Wheat,egg)

1 Whole Fried Prawn ¥980

Large fried prawn with sauce and tartar sauce. (Wheat, egg)

Fried Octopus ¥650

Fried soft octopus from the Japan Sea.

Red Snow Crab Croquette ¥780

Croquette filled to the brim with a creamy white sauce and crab, then covered with a tomato sauce. (Crab, wheat, egg)

Fried Foods -Other-

Fish and Chips ¥850

Fried White Fish and French Fries. Tastes best with ketchup and tartar sauce on top. (Wheat, Egg)

Plate of French Fries ¥480

A large pile of french fries. Do you have your Instagram account prepared?

Fried Burdock Root ¥580

You might think you are being tricked, but it really is burdock root! Still don’t believe us? Taste it for yourself! Flavored with soy sauce.


Hot Pot

Beef Offal Nabe Pot for 2 People ¥1,480    for 3-4 People ¥2,880

You can’t go amiss with the delicious flavors of Wagyu beef offal and a delectably salty soup.

Beef & Oyster Hot Pot for 2 People ¥1,680   for 3-4 People ¥3,280

The ultimate Japanese hot pot. Just imagine -- the tastes of beef and oysters rolling together and filling your mouth. What a delight! Soy sauce based. (Egg)

Hot Pot Beef 
for 2 People  ¥1,980  for 3-4 People ¥3,980

Thin slices of Wagyu Beef boiled together in a delicious sauce made of Hakkaisan refined Japanese rice wine, mixed together with dried kelp. (Japanese Rice Wine, Ponzu Sauce)

Hot Pot Pork
for 2 People ¥1,280   for 3-4 People ¥2,480

Thin slices of Mochi Pork boiled together in a delicious sauce made of Hakkaisan refined Japanese rice wine, mixed together with dried kelp. (Japanese Rice Wine, Ponzu Sauce)

Hot Pot Mix 
for 2 People ¥1,780   for 3-4 People ¥3,480

Thin slices of Wagyu Beef and Mochi Pork boiled together in a delicious sauce made of Hakkaisan refined Japanese rice wine, mixed together with dried kelp. (Japanese Rice Wine, Ponzu Sauce)


Set Menu -Rice-

Rice Ball and Miso Soup Set 
Salt Rice Ball Set ¥250  /  Salmon Rice Ball Set ¥350  /
Salted Salmon Roe Rice Ball Set ¥350  /  Mentaiko Rice Ball Set ¥350  /  Dried Plum Rice Ball Set ¥350

A rice ball made from this region’s special Koshihikari rice. It’s undoubtedly the best in Japan.

Rice Ball with Tea
Salmon Rice Ball with Tea ¥580  /  Dried Plum Rice Ball with Tea ¥580  /  
Mentaiko Rice Ball with Tea ¥580  /  Sea Bream Rice Ball with Tea ¥750

Delicately-flavored soy sauce soup base on top-quality rice. The perfect end to a meal.

Rice Set ¥480

An a la carte dish with special Koshihikari rice. (Egg)



5-piece Nigiri Sushi ¥1,280

A sushi set that includes the Chief’s best sushi. Five pieces.

California Roll ¥880

This store's original sushi roll. (Fish Eggs)

Tuna rolls ¥780

A medium-fatty tuna sushi roll.


Set Menu -Luxury Meat on Rice-

Breaded Pork on Rice ¥980

Made from a special local brand of pork that is unique to Niigata. This tender pork is then placed atop of a delicious bowl of rice. (Wheat, Egg)

Pork on Rice ¥980

Sweet and salty juicy sauteed top-quality pork roast on rice. (Egg)

Pork on Rice Fresh Wasabi ¥1,280

Sweet and salty juicy sauteed top-quality pork roast on rice. (Egg)

Pork and Roast Beef on Rice ¥1,280

Sauteed pork and Grade A roast beef on rice. Let’s make dinner luxurious tonight. (Egg)

Sirloin and Beef on Rice ¥1,680

Wagyu beef sirloin cutlet and roast beef on rice. Add an egg as an accent and dig in! (Wheat, egg)


Set Menu - Seafood on Rice-

Prawn and Crab on Rice ¥1,280

Loaded with decadent prawns and crab, this meal will surely fill you up. (Wheat, shrimp, crab)

Seafood Mix on Rice ¥1,980

Luxurious variety of seafood on rice. (Fish eggs,egg,shrimp,crab)

Salmon and Salmon Eggs Rice ¥1,480

Enjoy this seafood variety of the classic Oyakodon. (Fish eggs)

Seafood Platter Sushi Rice ¥1,280

Assorted dice-cut seafood topping vinegared rice. (Fish egg,egg)

Select Tuna on Rice ¥1,680

Medium-fatty tuna, red tuna meat, and ”negitoro”(minced tuna with green onions) on rice.

Eel and Beef on Rice ¥1,580

The most extravagant rice bowl you’ll find in the Naeba area, eel and roast beef meet in a heavenly dish, adorned with a raw egg.


Set Menu - Soba Buckwheat Noodles-

Zaru Soba
For two ¥980 / For three ¥1,480 / For four ¥1,980

A local delicacy, these soba noodles are wonderfully easy to eat.

Tempura Platter Small ¥1,080 Regular ¥1,580

Same as the “Fried Foods” portion of this menu. To accompany soba noodles.

Mochibuta Pork with Soba (Udon) ¥980

The pork pairs perfectly with the soy-sauce based soup and the soba that goes with it.

Shiitake and Soba (Udon) ¥880

Plenty of mushrooms to join your soba in a bath of soy-sauce based soup.


Set Menu -Minamiuonuma-grown Rice-

Extra Fancy Rice
For 1-2 People ¥880 / For 2-3 People ¥1,280 

Enjoy a fantastic bowl of top-grade locally-grown Koshihikari rice cooked in front of you. Comes with side dishes, miso soup, and a raw egg.

Rice with Sea Bream
For 1-2 People ¥1,280 /  For 2-3 People ¥1,780 

Koshihikari rice cooked in front of you with sea bream (Tai).

Rice with Urchin Crab and Salmon Eggs
For 1-2 People  ¥1,480  / For 2-3 People ¥1,980 

Koshihikari rice cooked in front of you with Urchin Crab and Salmon Eggs (Tai).

Rice with Eel
For 1-2 People ¥1,380  /  For 2-3 People ¥1,880 

Koshihikari rice cooked in front of you with eel (unagi).

Rice with Mushrooms & Chicken
For 1-2 People ¥1,080  /  For 2-3 People ¥1,580 

Koshihikari rice cooked in front of you with Mushrooms & Chicken.

Rice with Oyster & Ginger
For 1-2 People ¥1,280  /  For 2-3 People ¥1,780 

Oysters cooked with Koshihikari rice cooked in front of you, seasoned with ginger accents.


Desserts & Sweets

Matcha Tiramisu Baumkuchen ¥680

Matcha green tea tiramisu and homemade baumkuchen topped with brown sugar syrup, arranged in a Masu box. (Egg, milk, wheat).

Rich Crema Catalana ¥480

Dessert of Rich brulee and ice cream. (Egg,milk,wheat)

Homemade Annindofu ¥480

Smooth, handmade annindofu [almond gelatin].

Soft Serve Ice Cream ¥300

Even here in snow Naeba, ice cream is a popular treat. (Milk)

Chocolate Parfait ¥680

Everybody loves these! A luxurious treat you can’t make at home. (Milk)

Berry Parfait  ¥680

The berry parfait is just as popular as its chocolatey cousin. (Milk)