Menu and prices might change. Prices as references.


Local Products

Pork Stew
for 1 person ¥580
for 2-3 people ¥1,280

A dish we’re really proud of; local pork offal is simmered for hours until it is delectably soft,then seasoned with salted koji (used in the process of making our Hakkaisan sake).

Wagyu Beef Tendon Stew
for 1 person ¥780
for 2-3 people ¥1,680

Wagyu Japanese beef tendons boiled for hours until soft,prepared in a miso base.


From Our Stone Oven - Fish-

Nodoguro blackthroat 
full size ¥6,800

Fatty mackerel ¥1,080

Hokke atka mackerel ¥1,280

Scallop butter ¥980

Japanese longfin smelt ¥780

Salted semi-dried squid ¥880


From Our Stone Oven - Meats-

Wagyu beef sirloin ¥4,980

Salted koji pork steak ¥1,480

Lamb chop steak ¥2,500

Soy sauce Koji chicken ¥1,280

Tomahawk rib eye steak ¥8,800

Japanese style hamburg ¥1,280

Sausage platter ¥1,280


From Our Stone Oven -Other-

Pizza Margherita ¥2,300

Pizza Pizza Bismarck ¥3,000

Exlarge fried Tofu ¥780

Wagyu beef on
earthenware plate 

Exl mushroom on
earthenware plate 


Sashimi (Raw Fish)

Assorted Sashimi   ¥1,980
Special assorted Sashimi ¥3,980

The freshest fish in Naeba! Depending on the catch of the day.


Appetizers and Snacks with your Drinks

Three Japanese Delicacies ¥880

Dried mullet roe ¥780

Vinegared seaweed ¥480

Firefly squid ¥680

Cream cheese
Miso marinade 

Three dried seafooods ¥680

Lightly pickled vegetables ¥530

Pickled vegetables with vinegar ¥600


Ippin (Steamed, boiled, etc.)

Sake-Daiginjo steamed clams ¥980

Juicy fried Tofu ¥880

Japanese style omelette ¥630

Omelette with cod caviar ¥730


Vegetables and Salad

Fresh vegetable sticks ¥950

Caesar salad(salmon) ¥980

Sesame cream salad

Roast beef salad ¥2,180

Seafood tartar salad ¥1,380


Fried Foods -Tempura-

Tempura combo ¥1,480

Beard garlic tempura ¥880

Exl shrimp & crab tempura ¥1,880

Tempura combo 

tentacle tempura 


Fried Foods

Fried chicken salted koji ¥730

Fish & chips ¥880

GYOZA deep-fried dumpling ¥680

French fries ¥480

Fried octopus ¥880

Fried soft shell crab ¥1,780


Hot Pot


Wagyu beef shabu-shabu ¥5,580

Seafood tomato hot pot ¥2,800


Rice ball & Rice & Miso soup

Rice ball&Miso soup set
Salt rice ball set 

Soy-marinated tuna
rice ball set 

Salmon egg
rice ball set 

Raw egg&rice set ¥550


Sushi & Donburi

Raw fish Sashimi on rice ¥1,980

Grilled eel on rice ¥1,680

Roast pork on rice ¥1,280

Blackthroat carb salmon
egg on rice 

Roast beef on rice ¥2,980

5pcs Nigiri sushi ¥1,580

Salmon & salmon egg
on rice 

Tempura on rice


Soba & Udon

Zaru Soba ¥1,080

Tempura Zaru Soba ¥2,080

Hot Tempura Soba ¥2,080

Zaru Udon ¥1,080

Tempura Zaru Udon ¥2,080

Hot Tempura Udon ¥2,080


Set Menu -Minamiuonuma-grown Rice-

Copper kettle cook rice Extra fancy rice 
for 1-2people ¥880 / for 2-3people ¥1,780

Copper kettle cook rice Rice with sea bream 
for 1-2people ¥1,280 / for 2-3people ¥2,580

Copper kettle cook rice Rice with mushroo&chicken 
for 1-2people ¥1,380 / for 2-3people ¥2,780

Copper kettle cook rice Rice with grilled eel 
for 1-2people ¥1,380 / for 2-3people ¥2,780

Copper kettle cook rice Rice with Blackthroat 
for 1-2people ¥1,780 / for 2-3people ¥3,580

※It takes half an hour to cook on the table.


Desserts & Sweets

Sweet koji rice drink frozen ¥430

Sakasuke gateau chocolat ¥580

Soft cream ¥430

Green tea tiramisu in Masu box ¥880

Rice drink frozen parfait ¥880

Gelato platter ¥850